About Us

Ion Water Solutions has become the European Distributor for Ionfaucet with high-quality performance accessories for all current Ionizer machines, such as Kangen Water machines. Ion Water Solutions was founded upon the growing need for improved installation methods of water ionizers throughout Europe. Thanks to Ionfaucets innovative faucets, Ion Water Solutions is able to meet the needs of customers throughout Europe.

Due to Ionfaucets success in the US market, it has allowed us here at Ion Water Solutions to become the go-to outlet for high-grade filtration systems, filter cartridges, ORP meters and Ionizer machine cleaning tools. Ion Water Solutions is the one stop shop for European distributors who are looking for performance accessories of all Ionizer machines.

We do specialise in helping Kangen Water distributors by offering various tools to help them succeed in their trade, such as 6A Starter Packs, Carry Case Bags to protect machines during transit from one demonstration to the other, and Mini Demo Stands.

Ion Water Solutions also lent their help to the Kangen water community by assisting with their customer’s onsite installation of the ioniser machines along with a quick tutorial for the client on how to use the machine, how to maintain the machines in good working conditions, how to use the electrolysis fluid and citric acid and how to change the filters. This is included when also installing a faucet. Allowing for maximum customer satisfaction for the Kangen Water Distributor. If you require any such help, please feel free to contact us. We are available to be contacted at any time via our Facebook page as well.

At Ion Water Solutions we are committed to your satisfaction. Our products are of the highest quality workmanship and performance.